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Kentucky Blue Grass 100 sq. ft Product can be shipped to the following states
  • Colorado

Kentucky Blue Grass 100 sq. ft



Growth Characteristics: A long-lived sodgrass with rhizomes, growing 6 inches to 3 feet tall. Young shoots are slightly flattened, but seedstalks are round. Growth from the rhizomes is initiated in summer or fall, and aerial culms are initiated in early spring and summer. It becomes dormant during the summer if moisture is limiting. Kentucky bluegrass reproduces from seeds, tillers, and rhizomes. Seedhead:Open, spreading, pyramidal panicle, 2 to 8 inches long, with panicle branches whorled in groups of 3 to 5; spikelets contain 3 to 5 florets; lemmas awnless but cobwebby-hairy at base. Leaves: Mostly basal, nearly glabrous; blades V-shaped, narrow, 1 to 7 inches long, with boat-shaped tips and two prominent veins along the center of the upper suface of the leaf which appear as miniature railroad tracks; leaves folded in bud; ligules short, membranous, collars-shaped; auricles absent.


SqFt. Per Pallet: 100 Weight in lbs: 400
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