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Zoysia (Emerald)450sqft

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ZOYSIA (EMERALD)- a beautiful lawngrass that adapts to a wide variety of soils, has good wear resistance, and provides an extremely dense sod which reduces weed invasion. Zoysia grass, while not trouble free, is a terrific, versatile variety. Zoysia grasses become dormant (turn brown) in cold weather and are commonly overseeded with ryegrass to maintain green winter color. Zoysia grasses are perhaps the most beautiful warm season lawngrasses. Emerald zoysia is also a fine-textured, and dark green Turfgrass. Emerald was released by the USDA and the Georgia Agricultural Station in 1955. Emerald is very drought and cold tolerant. It is slow to spread, but once established, it crowds out weeds. It is wear resistant to foot traffic. Emerald grows in full sun but also has good shade tolerance. Sell out Risk currently very high!


SqFt. Per Pallet: 450 Weight in lbs: 2000

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